Technology is revolutionizing just about every lucrative domain in the world and road safety and vehicle tracking is no exception to that. With round-the-clock surveillance, real-time crisis- control and digitalized record-maintenance, BORDeROAD’s vehicle tracking software will be a prominent tool in the market for Vehicle Tracking System and Asset Tracking System.

Features of our Solution

Our devices are upto date with the latest technology and is at par with the Indian Standards. Our software platform is designed and developed in accordance with the International Standards and we are offering the solution with almost all features to the customers at an affordable price.

We also do provide an option to all GPS device manufacturers, wherein they can host their tracking devices on our platform at a very minimal cost.

Virtual Boundary

Easily draw virtual boundaries on Google Maps or create a single touch geofence by selecting location, and get instant alerts when your vehicle enters or exits the boundary set for it.

Remote Immobilization
Remote Immobilization

In case of vehicle theft, immobilize your vehicle by switching OFF and locking its engine remotely, so that it cannot move any further.

Live tracking
Real Time Tracking

Get to know your vehicle’s exact location on Google Maps; its real-time speed and the direction in which it is traveling.

Vehicle Tracking Solution
BORDeROAD is a Vehicle Tracking Solution (VTS) that, along with the help of GPS and other specialized software, allows for vehicles to be tracked, their functioning to be supervised and their subsystems to be carefully monitored.
Asset Tracking Solution
BORDeROAD’s, Asset Tracking Solution (ATS) can track movable and immovable assets of your organization. The asset tracking refers to gathering information on the list of assets the company owns with the help of bar code or RFID tags in some cases.


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